What the Huh?? ||

A series dedicated to saying what you know you are thinking when artists/designers/architects produce or explain something beyond ridiculous.  These are those thoughts when you saw that last project by what’s their face and felt shame for them; when you know they’re making that shit up on the fly, or worse, when they believe it; when the words are English but they are obviously encoded (archie-speak, perhaps??); and when your initial reaction upon seeing a project is an eye roll, guffaw, disillusion, and/or cynicism, and all you can think is “what…wh-huh?”

In short, no, your reaction wasn’t uneducated, dumb, incorrect, course, or unique—we all thought it, we don’t get it, and we’re pretty sure it doesn’t make any sense to start with.  In shorter short, we’re embracing that most ubiquitous of hipster notions: we’re over it.